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NEW Releases

Suishou No Fune / Wishing On a Star

This album was released to celebrate their Europe tour started at the end of March. The album includes live recordings at the club Show Boat (February 2, 2015) and the café Kuroneko Sabo (“Black Cat Tea Room”).

The simplest among all of their previous albums, and filled with natural psychedelic feelings. Excellent representation of emotional landscapes by PIRAKO’s Japanese psychedelic vocals! The guitar sounds like a voice singing, creating amazing natural psychedelic feelings. The first free psychedelic piece “Gathering Stars – Becoming Flowers” is a must to listen to.

“Gathering Stars”: PIRAKO made up the lyrics and sang on the spot during her performance as she suddenly visualized the winter night sky. “Becoming Flowers” is about her cat “Chibi” who died in her arms at the age of five. PIRAKO says this mischievous boy “Chibi” appears here and there during the spring time.

The second piece “The Spring Spirit” is an instrumental which was recorded at midnight at the café “Kuroneko Chabo.”


Inner Trance Organ (ITO) Maq ITO / N.O.R.D.


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